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We are full-service termite experts specializing in termite control in Orange County and the surrounding cities. Our dedicated and professional services include:

Free Termite Inspection


Our termite inspection are 100% free for all properties, including escrow. Whether you currently own your home, are in the process of buying a home, or need a commercial property inspected, Irvine Termite Control & Fumigation will be happy to assist you. A professional is sent out to assess for termites and termite damage. We will check the structure inside and out for signs of termites to determine if the home is termite free, has active termites, or if the structure has previous termite damage by doing a visual examination and using fiber-optic scopes to assess areas that are inaccessible. After the inspection, a plan of action for Orange County termite control will be determined and presented to the customer.


Termite Treatment

Irvine Termite Control & Fumigation will treat your home or commercial property with Bora Care treatment, and in most cases, tenting (for fumigation) is no longer needed. Our treatments are safe, odorless, and non-toxic so you wont have to worry about your children or pet’s safety with our professional grade treatment. With our treatment, you can safely remain on your property while our professionals administer the treatment. Our customer’s safety and satisfaction is a priority.


Termite Damage Repair

If you’ve got termite damage to your home or commercial property, we are here to assist. Our experts can repair wood damage caused by termites. Whenever possible they will save the existing timbor however in certain cases where it is not viable, the customer will be required to supply a replacement section. We will also paint or repaint the wood to match the rest of the affected area. Our Orange County termite control program is an end-to-end solution saving you the trouble of needing to hire other contractors for the final stage of your remediation project.


Termite Prevention

Our professionals can advise on termite prevention and treat wood and insulation to prevent termite infestation before it ever becomes a problem!


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If you’re in need of a free termite inspection, interesting in learning about termite prevention, getting termite treatment, or repairing termite damage, our experts are on hand to assist you with whatever service you require. give us a call at 949-267-3766 to speak with a representative and schedule your appointment today.

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