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Termite Inspections


We offer a FREE termite inspection for any and all situations including during the escrow process.


When Inspections Are Needed


Your Free termite Inspection should be done annually since most bugs will access different kinds of wood throughout various seasons. However, when you detect weak wood in risky areas, you should schedule an appointment for a rapid inspection in order to stop a major infestation before it develops into a major pest problem. The most vulnerable areas in a house where termites roam include the:

• Attic
• Basement
• Crawlspace


The Importance of Termite Inspections


Termites are pesky bugs because they affect homes and buildings in very dramatic ways. These creatures can cause:

Wood damage: Wood damage is a major problem that happens when termites bite throughout various wood grains. After there is a lot of damage, multiple gaps generate on wood that supports key foundation elements. If the termites aren’t eliminated in an old house, the structural elements around window frames and other zones will weaken, and certain foundation components will drop once the termites destroy the strongest portions within various wood layers.

Mud tubes: Mud tubes typically generate in areas where termites are invaded a property. When a landscape has severe mud tubes, wood damage will occur gradually as the bugs travel from the soil to different wood structures underneath a house or building. Inspections are beneficial during these situations, as professional inspectors can pinpoint the source of simple and advanced mud tubes that are scattered around a property.

Swarms: Strategic inspections can help you prevent termite swarms, which happen during the fall. One termite is risky swarm because the bugs can gradually destroy wood that supports important structural components. We help locals prevent swarms and costly termite repair by inspecting vulnerable invasion spots near water and around windows on residential and commercial landscapes.

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How Do I Know if I Have Termites?

The simple answer to this question is you may not know before it’s too late. There may be signs of termite infestation in your home or commercial property, but the concerning fact about termites is that they could be causing damage to your structure without your knowledge. Signs to look out for include termites flying (swarming) in or near the home, tiny holes that almost look like nail holes in your walls, clicking sounds coming from the walls, noticeable wood damage, discarded wings, and small mud tunnels around your foundation. Remember to keep in mind that not all termite infested structures show signs of termite infestation until the damage is already done. Termites quietly invade and feast on your walls, wood trim, cabinets, and more while you may be completely unaware of their presence. Termites are also nocturnal and usually only come out at night, which makes them even harder to spot.

I Don’t Currently See Termites, Why Should I Contact a Termite Professional?

Because if you wait for termites to invade, or wait for signs of termites, the damage may be extensive by the time it’s discovered. Termites do hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage every year, and many homeowners unfortunately don’t know where to turn or how to deal with the aftermath and financial burdens created by these destructive insects once the damage is done. According to Concord Heating And Air their technicians often find damage when on routine maintenance or emergency calls. The best way to protect your most expensive asset from termites is to get termite inspection, prevention, and termite treatment by Orange County Termite Inspection before it becomes a problem. But don’t fret — even if you already have damage, Orange County Termite Inspection is here to help repair the damage and treat your termites.

Our Professional Inspections Can Prevent Costly Termite Repair 

In order to prevent major foundation damage that will require termite repair, you must stop termite infestations early. We help locals complete this objective by providing professional inspection services for the most common infestation zones. We have one goal during inspections, which is to protect a property by pinpointing areas where our treatments can produce the best results. As a professional termite inspection and treatment company, we always strive to provide efficient services so they locals can avoid termite repair.


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